Month: November 2021

Shamsun’s Story


Mrs. Shamsun 94 years old is suffering from Dementia. She is taking Home care service for several years. At the top, she is seen with Chairman-SWBF Michael O’Keefe, Executive Chairman-SWBF Dr. Rahman Jilani, Ph.D., and Country Director Major General(Retd) Jiban Kanai Das, SWBF visiting her and having a warm discussion with her.

Rehana’s Story


Mrs. Rehana Sums, 63 Years is a suspected case of Dementia. Now, she is receiving care service at home, she is seen with family members.

Mozafour’s Story


Dr. Mozafour Ahmed, 60 Years is a suspected case of Dementia. He is suffering for 7-8 years. He and his family members paid a visit to Dementia Day Care Centre for better care service and advice. Top he is seen with The Country Director, SWBF during discussing in the centre.