Volunteers Contribution

There is so much you can do to support our charitable activities.

Listing for Dementia

Listing for dementia is a fund raising programme to support the dementia sufferer in the community. It will also support the local business to list their businesses to our dedicated business listing site. 

Walk for Dementia

Walk for dementia is a fund raising programme that supports the people who is living with dementia to walk freely in their own community. We walk through the local park, playground even on the highway.

Painting for Dementia

The painting for dementia is our most creative fundraising programme. It enables the creative artist to create amazing art in the context of dementia. It is also displayed for the people in the community to buy it at a reasonable price.  


Dementia Research in Rural Area

Supporting the rural people who are living with dementia is now the biggest concern of our project. Therefore, a dementia research project in a rural area helps us to find the right people to provide the right support for them. 


Dementia Care Training in Rural Area

Providing dementia care training to an individual or group or family makes a positive change in caring for the beloved ones. It enables them to learn and care for their own community people and supports them to stay safe. 


Dementia Care in Rural Area

This is a dementia-specific project to support dementia sufferers in rural areas. Dementia Care in a home setting or in the community is a big challenge. We aimed it to ‘care for all and no one left behind without dementia care.’