Why do Volunteer?

There are lots of great ways to support Dementia Bangladesh, but our YDA volunteers make a special difference for people affected by dementia.

Three top reasons why you should join the YDA who are uniting against dementia: 

One: It doesn’t matter how long you’re with us, it will be worth it. The time you give as a volunteer can make a direct and meaningful difference for people affected by dementia.

Two: You will meet like-minded people, passionate about creating a world without dementia. 

Three: There will be the opportunity to both utilise your existing skills and to learn and develop new ones.

Volunteers are an integral and valued part of our organisation.

There is many things to do as a YDA volunteer.

  • You can support our dementia services.
  • You can support us to raise money.
  • You can participant any of our dementia events.
  • You can support us our dementia research network.
  • You can support us raise awareness of dementia.
  • You can even organise any dementia event at your location with the support of YDA team.
  • You can help with corporate volunteering.

We just need your commitment towards humanitarian work. No matter how far you are but stay connected with the YDA team and contribute for building a better society together.

Yes, you are qualified for this programme. There is no age limit not even any qualification limit. As long as you feel that you need to do something for the people who are living with dementia around you, you must step forward and support them according to their needs. This is where the YDA volunteers team play their vital role.